\i apoligize in advance for the short and sweet blog this is going to be, but there are 40 people in line behind me to use the computer!

i made it!  and most importantly i am VERY safe. for the last 7 days i have been staying in a dorm style housing with all the other volunteers, sitting in class all day, and being feed more food than anyone one person should eat in a day. Bobbi, you will be happy to know bugs are not on the menu. i have been eating well, rice, chicken, a flour/water substance that looks like mashed potatos, thats actually yummy.

yesterday i moved in with my n ew host family. its a house full of ladies, my gogo (grandmother) Mazulo who is very nice and pretty funny (i got to paint her toe nails last night, orange and blue :). Nholhlahla is my age and lives in the gogo’s house, and she has been a great help to me with learning the language. siswati is VERY widely used here- so unlike kenya, in villages you CANNOT get by on english. unfortunately my siswati does not yet extend past, hello, how are you, i am fine. all though i am having alot of fun saying bicycle, which i can’t spell in siswati, but is pronounced (le-bi-e-c-ge-le) not pratical to use in conversation, but fun lol. there are also 2 young girls in the house, one is 16- her birthday was yesterday, which is why we all painted our nails. and the other is 9. the 9 year old does basically everything in the house, and this always amazes me. my neices have it easy! Quodelie comes home from school, washes her clothes in a bucket, shines her school shoes, and starts preparing dinner for everyone. she sweeps the floor and does the dishes while the pots boil… and the water is outside in a big tank- so its not like turning on the tap in the kitchen. its truely amazing how she does all this without complaint, or being told.


what else? i wish i had pictures to add! everything is so pretty. we are in the mountains in south swaziland. i am staying on a hill top in a town called khazia (google earth that). its pretty awesome. it is VERY cold here, and i am happy i brought a jacket. it gets up to 60 some afternoons, but as soon as the sun goes down, its FREEZING. i sleep with 3 blankets!


ok, i think i’m hogging the computer officially! sala khale (stay well/goodbye). love you all, and miss you! will try to write a better blog when i can charge my computer! SMOOCHES!


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