La La La Lubombo


Come Aug 9th i’ll be spending the next 730 days and 729 nights in the exotic Lubombo region of Swaziland in a little town called Tikhuba. I know nothing about this scenic area, except I will be approx 5-10 KM away from the Mozambique border to the east, and I will be living in a super trendy hut whose only amenities at the moment feature a stylish pink horizontal stripe, a thatch roof, a 1 x .5 foot window, ELECTRICITY (YEAH!) and what could be a small dog ( this info was collected from a 1×1 inch photo).

Yes, I have my site placement. It is hard to feel excited, or nervous about the move i’ll be making in one month, I have little to no info. I asked for a peri urban placement, but I’m about an hour from Manzini- HOWEVER I’m hoping that when I get there, my job will be exactly what I was looking for. I have requested to work for income generating projects, fundrasing, sponsorship extending outreach etc. this being in swaziland this should not be a hard task to fulfill, so I’m hopeful.

We spent the last week exploring the northern region of swaziland in a little place called Pigg’s Peak (google it- amazing!) this is probably the most beautiful place I have ever seen- just surrounded by mountains, everywhere you look. We spent one night at a game reserve, that was lacking animal wildlife- although I did manage to see a few zebra, water buffalo, warthogs and hippos. Then we spent 2 days learning about permaculture/gardening. I am really excited about starting my garden, and collected roots for lemon grass, lavender and rocket lettuce- we’ll see if it grows! The woman that taught the class reminded me so much of Ester Durnwald- it actually choked me up a bit the first day. She was a PCV in 86 and just never left. She has worked for the king and continued teaching communities how to provide sustainable food for themselves through gardens. She was amazing. She also runs a swim lesson program starting in April- better believe i’ll be on that!

Other than that, not too much going on. Would love to hear from you!
Love G


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