Christmas in July



Today was a great day! I received 2- count them 1-2, packages from home! One, I technically sent myself, but the other was a needed boost. I was starting to feel like the last kid picked for kickball watching everyone else open their american bounty daily. So THANK YOU family for the love 🙂 letters and pictures are my wallpaper in my tiny little room, so they brighten my day to see them.


Not much to report here on the homestead. My days are full of classes, power points and group activities. This week we are learning all about teaching styles, in prep for being on site (which is in less than 3 weeks!!!! OMG). We were suppose to be visiting our sites for 3 days next week, to meet with our “counterparts” which is Peace Corps for work partner on our long term placement. We would see our new home, meet our new family and be introduced to the community we will be working with. However there is a strike planned for next week, so it’s looking like traveling will not be in the plan. Peace Corps is very on top of any disturbances in the political climate, and makes sure we stay out of the way, so fam, no worries i’ll be safe in the boonies.


In other news, Wendi you would be happy to know i’m extending my hair styling skills to the kingdom of swaziland. I am the certified barber for group 9 (that’s my group). My first cut was a nice head shave with a straight razor for my friend Matt. Then I advanced to Joey, who’s hair was out of control- which earned him the nickname “Jimmy Neutron”. I wasn’t sure if I could do a “trim” and not a shave, until we took him to town to see if a professional could handle the situation. This turned out to be one of the most entertaining earrands of my life- TEARS from laughing so hard. Forget a language barrier, (“a little off the top” didn’t translate well), i’m pretty sure this guy had never seen white hair before. Within seconds my dear friend had a mullet. Through endless laughter, I explained to shorten the back, and he proceeded to change the guard on his electric buzzer, one time, two times, three times, then back to the first- again and again and again. I can barely breath at this point- epic fail for moral support. Then he broke out sissors, for a brief moment, and went at the top of his head like it was an unruley bush. Joey nearly jumped out of the chair, as we both screamed “STOP!”. We left, joey looking like an emo, punk kid who just got a hair cut from his 5 year old sister… in her sleep….with safety sissors. LOL. We decided at that point that I couldn’t do worse- so I bought some kitchen sissors, and a comb and we had a senic hair cut, in 40 degree wind on a hill top overlooking Khiza (it looks much better). I have shaved 3 heads total- which is my favorite thing to do, wheather with a straight razor, bic or electric bead trimmer- its fun- and no casualities yet! I even cut my hair once or twice- which isn’t really news- I was cheap in the states too when it came to hair.


Today is my sisi, Nohalala, birthday. I introduced her to taco’s last week and now she is in love with the spice packet, so today we are using my last pack for dinner. I have no idea what they are making, but i’m sure its not taco’s. Hey, it’s her birthday. Tomorrow its my mom’s birthday, and I bet she is having taco salad- hahaha- see swailand isn’t THAT far away! I hope you have a good birthday mama! I love you and miss you all so much!


If anyone wants to continue the packages in this festive season of July here are some ideas: a poster of chicago (i’m a little homesick for the city). Pens- really juicey pens (they don’t exsist here). Taco seasoning. Duct tape- obvious oversight on my part predeparture.


ALSO I am missing some addresses. I want to write people letters, so send me your mailing addresses. You can do this on facebook, or at Wendi, I need your phone number AND address!


Much love! G


ps. I guess this week is spring. Which means its like 80 degrees in the afternoon. Which also means “winter” was only a month long- hahaha- things I don’t miss about chicago…..


1 thought on “Christmas in July

  1. Ginger,
    I love your story. Your mission would lend itself to a good book me thinks.

    We finally got the mobile up in Bobbi’s house and it turned out really nice! Some of your work is going to a beautiful wine shop in Boyne City this fall who has agreed to take mobiles on consignment.
    Love you!
    Jake Darlene and Grant

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