It’s raining puppies out there!



BURRR! Apparently the weather here isn’t much different then chicago after all. We had a blissful week for 80 degree days, with sunshine galore. Then, out of nowhere it took a turn for the worst. With a 12 hour storm that brought rain, wind, and mudslides (in my room). The last couple of days have been FREEZING, wet and cold. I dream about rainy days at home, where I wouldn’t get our of my pajama’s, watch 50 movies on and eat friendship chinese- pure heaven is the only thing that comes to mind. But alas, I am here in africa (being just a tish dramatic…)


before the storm hit I spent some time at my neighbors house playing with his 5 little puppies. The mama dog is nowhere to be found, and the litter shrinks mysteriously in number a little more each day. I decided that while it would be against PC policy to get a “pet” during PST, if I managed to smuggle one of the puppies home in my bag, just to show it one night of an american style doggie life, I would be fulfilling objective 1.2 of the PC mission. This was a horrible idea. Although the puppy is the cutest little bugger that ever walked the earth on 4-paws, and sleeps all day- it was basically like having a small infant in my room. Every hour on the hour it would wake up, whine a little, and I would turn on my headlamp, let it off my bed, feed it, and let it do its biz on some scrap flip-chart paper in my room. By 3am I had him “potty trained”. By 4am he had ate an entire plate of spaghetti, by 5am I had renamed him “little sh*t machine”. At 7am I walked the mile back to his homestead, and left him with his brothers and sisters promising to write. I was convinced the rest of the day that I had fleas- but I think I was paranoid because there has yet to be physical evidence.


The next night was the storm. My dear friend Ruth reported the next day that 3 of her small puppies had drowned trapped in their enclosure (LSM is still alive and safe). Puppies here are not like at home. People do not think they are adorable, or useful at all. So when they die, we look crazy for crying. It is still something I’m getting use to.


This week in the rain we got to meet our counterparts- who we will be working with for the next 2 years. I am excited to learn more about my new family, and am looking forward to start working- they need it! I am the 4th volunteer to stay at this new homestead, which is a good thing. The family is from Zambia, but now, obviously, live in Swaziland. Babe is an english teacher (SCORE!), Make sells fruits + veggies (DOUBLE score!), I will have 4 bobuti and bosisi, 2 are older and don’t live at home, and the younger 2 are in middle school and high school. Thats really all I know for now. We were suppose to leave today to have a trial visit on site, but the teachers are on strike so the PC has us on lock down in our village- safety first!


I am going to attempt to attach photos to this blog as well, but as you know by now, the internet here has a mind of its own, but just in case they make it up here is a summary of what your looking at:


the room- this is where I live. This pic was taken as a sweep panorama so it makes it look bigger than it is. To put it in perspective, I can not fully lay down on my floor end to end in any direction- even if you remove my bed.


The rocks (this is in most of the pics): this place is a Khiza favorite hangout. Its open 24/7 and has no capacity, over crowding and it is ironically american only. We meet here most sundays to partake in adult beverages and snacks. We occasionally study too. But its a nice quiet scenic spot.


The crowded room: this was a birthday celebration for ruth and libby. How many volunteers can you fit in a gogo hut? Answer: 38. good times.


Huts: this was at the cultural village we visited on our field trip. Traditionally this is how Swazi’s lived, they are pretty awesome in person.


Half naked boy: this is one of my famous haircuts. I don’t need sheers, a chair or talent really- just get me some giant kitchen scissors, a rock and a nice view and you can get your hair cut by yours truly. We should also note in this picture it was pretty chilly outside so joey isn’t always flexing that much lol.


1 thought on “It’s raining puppies out there!

  1. Love to hear from you and listen to you make it like being there. I am glad you have compasion for the little dogs, little puppy never had it so good. Sorry however for the ones that didn’t make it.
    It has been so hot here, as Bobbi has probably told you, looks like rain today. I am at Bobbi’s this week with the twins. Trying to give Bobbi a break here and there.
    Got a phone interview coming from a huge company that does dialysis, I am going to tell them once I am proficient in the technique I would be willing to travel around, especially in Michigan. They are nation wide though so maybe futher would be fun too, I feel ready. I figure if you can go to Afica I can go US right? Well I need to write you a letter! Love and Kisses Mom

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