helping at the kagogo center

helping at the kagogo center


6 thoughts on “helping at the kagogo center

  1. awhh ginger, it’s too bad they didn’t look more happy at their little ages, they always have this look of the fear of unknown in their eyes. I am so glad you are there with them!

  2. Dear Ginger,
    I received your note today and it has made my day. You are one special young lady. This is my first attempt to reply to you via the blog, so I’m not writing too much just to see if it goes through. If it does, I’ve got much to talk with you about.
    Mr. B

    1. Dear Ginger,
      I must have done something right because I see that my message was posted.
      A number of years back when my wife and I were in Chicago, I tried to track you down but had no luck. You can’t believe how pleasantly surprised I was to receive your thoughtful note. Now I am excited to hear about you work and experiences in Swaziland.
      One of the regrets both my wife and I have is not joing the Peace Core back in the 1960’s when it was first created. Maybe it’s not too late to still give it a try.
      I’m going to read all your past blogs to catch up on you have been doing. Say hi to your family for me.
      Your great admirer,

      1. mr B! can’t believe you got my card so fast! go swazi post office! happy to hear you are still doing well, and YES you can still join the peace corps. all ages 🙂 its a really great expereince- i love every minute! feel free to write me anytime. my email is or post address is GINGER BRYAN PCV – PO BOX 1074 – SITEKI L300 – SWAZILAND AFRICA

        I really love having pen pals- and i don’t get online as much as i’d like, so snail mail is always a welcome suprise. its kind of like christmas for us volunteers out in the bush! 🙂

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