xmas wishlist

The video i posted yesterday has inspired several requests for an xmas wishlist- seeing is believing i suppose!

Packages for me: everyone has been so awesome about sending me packages, its overwhelming actually that so many people already have! thank you so much for all the love. If you are wondering what to send, this is a pretty good list:
– babywipes
– batteries (AA, AAA)
– clorox wipes
– febreeze
– yankee candles (or any smelly candles)
-SNACKS! (goldfish crackers, trail mix, fruit snacks, granola bars- anything that doesn’t require me to cook really lol)
– junk food (ie anything gummy, or sweet)
– books – i read a book a week! and when i’m done with them, i loan them out to the community, it’s like my own personal library. i read EVERYTHING.

– smelly lotion- my swazi mom loves smelly lotion from the states
– soccer anything- soccer is a HUGE deal around here, balls, t-shirts, or anything of the sort would be a huge hit!
– nail polish- starting a collection for Honey who runs a salon on my homestead
– girlie magazines- She also cuts pics out of magazines to hang on her walls- she loves when i get new ones!

although i can’t lie, i love packages, the converstion rate of the US dollar to the Rand is HUGE. its 1 to 7! it costs roughly $60 USD to send a package, thats roughly 420R, which is more than a quarter of what i make in a month. It would take Make nearly a week to make 420 R, and she would have to sell over 500 fat cakes and swazi buns to do it. things i could buy with 420R?
– 100 chicks
– 1 goat
– an oven
– (nearly) a pig
– 2 months school fee for bulanda or Hacheema
– groceries for 2 months
– one way trip to Mozimbique, South Africa or Botswana
– 4 pairs of jeans from Mr. Price
– 2 pairs of brand new soccer shoes

and more! so, if you would like to do something for me, and my family in swaziland think “outside the box” as they say. 🙂 if you want to do something specfic, please email me on facebook, and i will make sure any monetary contribution you want to make goes exactly where you want it to. i’ll even take pictures and post them here.

my big sister is in charge of my US accounts, any contributions can be sent to her, and i will be able to have access to them straight away (the ATM gives a better rate then exchanging cash, cheques or wire transfers).

Her address is:
Ginger Bryan
51354 Blackhawk ln
Macomb MI 48042

If you want to send a package send to:
Ginger Bryan PCV
PO BOX 1074
Siteki L300
Swaziland AFRICA

thank you for all the love! have a great XMAS!!


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