Dear Volunteers,

Dear Volunteers,


The Swaziland Meteorological Department has issued a warning that Swaziland will experience another round of intense rainfall similar to what we have just experienced, probably beginning from Thursday and going into the weekend. These rains are as a result of Cyclone Funso that is expected to hit Mozambique at the same time. Please plan your travel accordingly so that you avoid getting stuck either trying to get in or out of your sites. During the recent rains over 22 rivers were over flooded in various places around the country resulting in 2 fatalities. Multiple roads and bridges were washed away. Please stock up supplies at site as transport will most likely be disrupted as a result of the bad state of the roads. Again you are to avoid trying to cross over flooded rivers and bridges. Roof leaks are to be expected. Do what you can to protect you property from getting wet, and if the situation is unmanageable let PC know.    


can i tell you how excited i am about this?


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