Help Scott get back to school.

Woke up this morning to an email from a long lost friend. Actually, a friend of my host bhuti from my peace corps day. He attended my traditional wedding, and played a role as one of the representatives  of my Swazi family for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we invited him to stay with us for a weekend, along with my host brother. It was a great weekend. As many situations go in Swaziland, the weekend had more of an impact on him then we had thought, and although it’s been 2 years since the wedding, the weekend is still cherished. I had no idea of his circumstances at the time, but with this email he sent me today i’m astounded, and driven to help him.

His email is below. if anyone else would like to help him, you can pay pal me donations to and i will make sure the funds go towards his furthered education.


Its been a long time sister and I would like to take this opportunity and thank you for inviting us over that weekend, personally I enjoyed it was just one little thing that ddnt go down well in me “time” I wish we had a month or more the way u treated us and the atmosphere it was amazing, though if I had a month I would be wishing we had two or more my tendencies I would say because I never say “wow thanks guys for giving us that epic time we really enjoyed n we had adequate time”. . . . I am an orphan so to say dad deserted me when I was born so I dnt know him, Mom got married to another man so I grew up at mom’s homestead (KaGogo) with my uncles moms brothers. She took care of me even though she wasn’t around until I finished school then she lost her job, her husband sent her to their home. That’s how I lost her help and she is money less she couldn’t help me. I finished school back in 2012, well it didn’t go well but I got admited in some colleges n FETs but I couldn’t pay for my tuitions. 2014 June I got some cash and at home they promised to help me financially when I hv a need. Went to school gave it my best shot all was well until my final month, got a letter from the office took it home. Since they promised to help me out with cash I thought everything was going okay until that month when I asked some cash for rent and I didn’t get a response, I told myself no I shouldn’t put pressure on them they know if I don’t pay it I will be kicked out. I personally borrowed some cash n payed rent hoping they will send it then I will repay it. Two weeks later still no rent cash and I was called by a receptionist, she asked me “did you give your parents the letter?” sure I did what was it about? I asked. “Oh! Boy basically it was a letter informing them about final exam fees and due date is about in a weeks time” she answered. I left college premises at that instance, went straight home they saw my frustration and told me that they can’t do it anymore in fact they don’t have money for me to pursue my studies so they suggest I go back n pack my things n come back home I will try another time when they are financially stable. I am thin physically but within 3 days I had to tighten my belt when wearing my pants. Hardly ate food thinking about how it all happened and questions kept popping in my head HOW? And why only me among us? A lot of questions some made me cry, after all there was nothing I could change and when I accepted and packed my clothes went back home. When mom heard she got sick, she went to hospital for 3 weeks she had a high blood pressure and diabetes. Last year I had another shot but it didn’t last I took about three months, same story was told this year no one ever talked about it. I stay at home alone now when my peers are at school n tertiary I’m getting more and more jealous and sometimes I think about getting lost without them knowing where am I, I can’t sit back and watch others pursue their studies while mine is at halt it hurts big times sometimes I feel like why am I still alive at the first place if I have to watch this????????

.. .. . I know sister you guys have your own problems to take care of but I kindly beg you to help me out where you can, I don’t know where to go now. I know its hard but I believe you have friends who could give a hand too thanks for your time, all the best greatly missed and happy family.


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