About me…

In the spring of 2009, I returned home from the dusty, red dirt roads of kenya. A place where you pass zebra on the highways, and make new friends every time you walk outside. I returned to a sterile, florescent cubical in Chicago- staring at a computer- 90% of my day and body motionless aside from the frantic tap, tap, tap on my keyboard.

I remembered dreaming about what I wanted to be when I grew up- this life somehow escaped my list- yet here I sit, in the blinding light of my computer screen. Left wondering where was the pamphlet on globe trotting in my high school counselors office? What college offers courses in world adventure? Why do people discriminate gypsies, and how do I join the clan?

All these thoughts rain down on me, like my life flashing before my eyes- which may sound a bit dramatic- but I can literally feel the life being sucked from every pore of my body. I need to make a drastic change. I need to do something crazy. I need to join the Peace Corps.

A year later, almost to the day, I received my invite for Swaziland. I admit I had no idea where it was on a map at first, but am excited I get to call this tiny little country home for 2 years. It may be overwhelming at times, and i’m sure i’ll have my fair share of challenges, but sometimes “crazy” is the only way to be sane.

Now, the Peace Corps has lead me in a new direction. I have choosen to leave my post and venture out on my own. I have made a change; a choice to live in Swaziland and call it my home. I am working, and living in Mbabane- enjoying new friendships and traveling around Africa.

Enjoy reading all about the adventure!


14 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hey there, I googled Ginger in Swaziland and guess who I came across. Well was cool meeting you the other day. Nice job on the website by the way.

  2. Hello,

    I am a casting producer for an American television show about people buying homes abroad. I came across your blog and wanted to reach out to see if you might be interested in participating in an episode of our show.

    House Hunters International tells the story of people who have picked up and moved to exotic, foreign locations to pursue a new life abroad. Being on the show is a lot of fun for our participants and is a great way to document your search for a new home.

    We are casting people who have already bought/rented a home, or are currently looking for a home in a new country. If you or anyone you know meets these qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at rebeccakurland@leopardfilms.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!



  3. Good Day Ginger!

    Sorry to bother you. My name is Ray Blakney and I am a RPCV from Mexico. I am working on a 3rd goal project with the PC regional offices and the main office in DC to try to create an online archive to keep the language training material made all over the world from getting lost. I have created a sub-section on the website my wife and I run – http://www.livelingua.com – with all the information I have been able to get to date (from over the web and sent to me directly by PC staff and PCV’s). I currently have close to 100 languages with ebooks, audios and even some videos.

    The next step for this project is that I am trying to get the world out about this resource so that it can not only be used by PCV’s or those accepted into the Peace Corps, but also so that when people run across material that is not on the site they can send it to me and I can get it up for everybody to use. I was hoping that you could help getting the word out by putting a link on this on your site at:


    so that people know it is there. There should be something there for almost everybody. It is all 100% free to use and share. Here is the specific page of the Peace Corps Archive:


    Thanks for any help you can provide in making this 3rd goal project a success. And if anybody in your group has some old material they can scan or already have in digital form, and want to add to the archive, please don’t hesitate to pass them my email. Thanks and have a great day.

    Ray Blakney

  4. hey ginger its ur lil sister just wanted to say that i miss you very much and glad that your doing good and doing something so great words cant explain i look up to alot. i love you and glad your doing so good.
    email me back if u get the chance to winddish87@gmail.com

  5. I am also from Michigan. …I am looking to move to Africa…it is my dream location…any information you could give me would be amazing…Thank you in advance

    Joanie Leffler

  6. 2/21/2015 Hi Ginger! I just finished watching your episode on House Hunters International. Good for you! Believe it or not you lived the life I thought about when I was younger: the Peace Corps, Africa and helping to educate those in need. I googled your name and Swaziland and found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading your adventures, your life with George and dogs, and becoming Blog friends. Best wishes! ~ Miz Jeanne in Texas

  7. My husband and our small family travelled to Swaziland and lived in Mankayane for 21/2 years. We have a Swazi princess who was born in Manzini. The nanny named her Sibongile. We taught at an all boys school which later became co-Ed. Your story made us so lonely for the friends we made and the many memories that we created. We live in Canada at the border with Michigan, not all that far from Kalamazoo. How we remember the red soil, unpaved roads and large stones everywhere. Looking forward to more of your stories. By the way, we saw your story on International House Hunters

    1. Mankayane is where we held our traditional wedding, and where our rural homestead is. it is a beautiful area. we are currently in Detroit visiting family for a few months, but can’t wait to get back to swaziland. It has been an adjustment leaving the calm, easy going pace of SD to the fast, go go go of USA life!

      hope you make it back to SD soon πŸ™‚

  8. Siyabonga for this reply….
    We are 60 miles from Detroit living in Sarnia Ont just across the Bluewater Bridge from Port Huron.
    If you are in the area it would be great to connect and talk about your Swazi Life.
    Best Regards,
    The Berrys

  9. Hi Ginger
    Watched the house hunters programme today. Really enjoyed it! Thought it showed Africa in a beautiful light. I don’t know why your story touched me but I just felt your happiness through the TV. I had a nap after this show (no correlation lol) and even dreamed about the show! Lol telling my mother all about it ha ha. Weird. I wish you well with everything! Both of you xxx Carrie (UK)

    1. Hi Carrie, glad you liked the show. it was a very interesting experience lol. i’ve never “trended” on social media before lol. Africa is an amazing place, especially the little kingdom in which i call home. highly recommend a visit if you ever feel adventurous- this is the place to be πŸ™‚

      sala kahle (go well)


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