I get requests all the time from my dedicated readers about what to send me in a care package. I can assure you that anything sent from the USA is welcome. You can’t imagine how exciting it is to eat something as simple as goldfish crackers, just to taste something from home. However if you’d like more guidance i’ve made a simple list of ideas šŸ™‚

For me:

snacks, snacks snacks!

It’s impossible to get these snacks here: pretzels, goldfish crackers, cheese or peanut butter sandwich crackers.

Healthy snacks are awesome too! Nuts (macadamia, almonds, pistachios (unsalted, unflavored) granola, or granola bars (no chocolate), dried fruit, muesli, fruit leathers

main course!

I have received about 100 packs of taco seasoning lol. But no tortilla shells. Canned chicken would also be an awesome gift to use for all this seasoning. (don’t worry I can use my extra packs for bartering purposes with other PCV)

I eat a ton of pasta, so cheese packets from mac/cheese, canned parmesan cheese, or any other sauces would be fab! Really any cheese that would ship here…

to quench the thirst

I can get powdered drink flavor pretty easy here. However finding good hot tea is a problem. I like all flavors, but Iā€™m partial to chai, or anything spiced. Also, honey- honey is a speciality here.

VIA- I drink a Starbucks VIA everyday.

smell good stuff

my house is made of mud and grass, and often smells that way. Anything that smells good is welcome, like: candles (which is also helpful when I have no power), incense, scented oils

this also includes soaps and lotions (for sensitive skin šŸ™‚

baby wipes and clorox wipes area also awesome and come in handy for EVERYTHING.

For my family and kiddos:

candy. They ask me every time I get a package, or go to town… if I brought them back ema sweetie. My Make loves chocolate, and the kids will eat anything. It was really funny giving them pop rocks for the first time lol.

Nail polish. Most kids that come around are girls. I have never gone through nail polish so fast in my life. I estimate i’ve emptied at least 12 bottles of nail polish since I got here.

Beads. I was sent a small pack of beads a while ago, and they were finished in an hour. Now they keep asking if I got more. They wear their new bling everywhere!

With beads, Iā€™m also looking for things to make jewelry with, such as earring hooks, and clasps for bracelets. I’m starting a project with some high school girls making jewelry out of bottle caps, and paper beads out of magazines.

Magazines. They just love gossip trash magazines like people and such. (I love TIMES šŸ™‚

entertainment. Any new kids movies or ACTION movies are welcome. They love action movies like james bonds etc. I also welcome any new movie of any kind…

books too. Any young adult books would be awesome. The kids see how much I read, and they try to as well- but my books are a little over their heads. (nothing with a magic, or vampire theme- this would result in a lot of religious conversation I don’t want to get into lol)

I appreciate any package I get from home. I’m always flabbergasted by all the support! Also keep in mind it costs about $60 USD to send a care package, not including anything put inside the box. That money could stretch a LONG way here in other ways. If you want to help me, or my family out, but don’t want to send a care package you can always send a couple bucks to me via paypal. ( Thanks for thinking of me! Miss you all! xoxox


my new post address is:


Ginger Bryan

po box 1177

mbabane H100




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